Learn The Art of Communication

To Express Your Thoughts Like An Influencer

And That Too Without Learning Good English

Attend the Workshop worth ₹2500 for FREE and bring the drastic change in YOU.

6 Communication Barriers that make your personality Dry as Dust…

  • Confusing Conversation
  • Lack of Vision
  • Inappropriate Attitude
  • Indefinite Thoughts
  • Unclear Mental State
  • Non-specific delivery of ideas

This can help you....

To build your dream career To approach a person you admire the most

For your Personal Growth

  • Get high scores in your practical and vivas
  • Develop a healthy bond with your In-laws
  • Your Child will love to spend time with you

For your Professional Growth

  • Seek appreciation from your boss and get a promotion.
  • Take your startup to the next level

You can develop Top-class Communication skills and can be the Master of your Field.

Dr. Naxatra Meuva will share “X” techniques to influence someone over How to initiate conversation or approach anybody with ease.

Surprisingly, you do not need to speak great English to be a Good Communicator!!

Becoming a PRO Communicator is Damn Easy!


Date: 1st August 2021
Time: 4 pm to 7 pm

Learn from an Expert

Scientific Techniques

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Learn from
an Expert

Scientifically Proven Techniques

Learn from
an Expert

Learn from
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Learn from
an Expert


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  • Be the best at your work and take your business to the next level
  • Unlock true potential by improving your communication skills
  • Learn powerful frameworks that help build a lasting first impression, get the promotion you always wanted, and ace your next presentation
  • Do you get teased in your High School or College due to poor language and pronunciations??
  • Effective Communication can help to build and foster a safe learning environment where you can thrive, prosper and learn
  • Develop good relationships with your Friends and Family
  • Avoid over-sharing in a conversation
  • Approach the person you like to spend time with
  • Be the center of attention in your group
  • It will help you to crack your interview
  • Take your confidence game to the next level
  • You can build an efficient team for increasing the productivity of your start-up
  • Learn to convince your clients effectively

I have been doing this for the past 7 years which is basically the start of my career, sharing the best of my knowledge, keeping in mind what situation I actually have been through and how to tackle it. This is not only helpful for you to build a super effective communication skills but also to boost your confidence level. 

Don’t Just Take My Word For It, Here’s What Others Have To Say…

4.9 Out Of 5

What I Will Teach You In This 3-Hour LIVE Workshop Will Not Just  be important to be Communication Guru, but for being Confidence Guru too. This workshop will be a full knowledge-sharing session which will be your path to being a successful and wealthy leader.


Learn how you can improve your communication skill without superior command over any particular language.

And tell me, can it be any better than not paying a single rupee and getting so many things?

Date: 1st August 2021
Time: 4 pm to 7 pm

How does it work??

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

You join a private Telegram Group

You attend the 3-hour live workshop

Finish all the assignments provided in the Group

Actual cost: INR 2500/-

A Million-dollar question,

"Why am I doing it for FREE?”

Here’s why:

When I was in school, was not able to talk with people. I lack confidence and had fear of being the one who has poor command of language.

While a teacher named “Mumtaz” pushed me that I should go and speak.

While looking back at college days, I remember talking to the girls was the next level, as I was not able to interact with boys too.

I used to be a mischievous child but when it comes to talking, I used to be a little puppy and wanted to hide here & there to never break down walls of fear. I never asked any of my doubts in class, just because of a lack of communication skills.

The worst of all these is I wanted to become a singer and this one bad quality of mine became the biggest hurdle on the path of my passion & I never pursued what I wanted to do in my life.

I wanted to learn how to communicate without any hesitation and make my words impactful that no one can disagree with.

I started learning from various platforms. The biggest breakthrough was when I attended the “Train The Trainer” by Sneh Desai. That became the reason For my life-changing journey. I was invited to my school as a Motivational speaker where I was not even able to speak a single word.

After that, I have done a TV show and started conducting workshops.

I can understand how it is hard for you to approach somebody, crack interviews, or be a fluent communicator. And have been part of so many different learning institutions. But the only things which are important to be a Communication Guru are just a tap away. Be a part of My FREE Online Masterclass- Communication Guru and bring the transformation in your life you always desired.

Naxatra Meuva 

Success Coach, Money Metaphysician
Founder Of Yuva Josh Official